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How to Chose the Best Living Options for Your Elderly Loved Ones

Choosing The Right Living Option For Elderly Family Members

When elderly loved ones begin to show signs of needing more help, families must begin to think about ways to provide care that will ensure they are safe, healthy and engaged in life a meaningful way. Not every family is able to take care of senior loved ones at home. Fortunately, organizations such as St. Therese, are available to provide these special services for the elderly to ensure they have the care they need.

Levels of Care To Serve Every Need

The first step in providing appropriate living option for an elderly loved one is to do a detailed evaluation of their care needs. Some seniors may be recovering from a serious illness or injury and only require short-term medical care, until they can again resume living on their own or in a family care arrangement. Many senior care facilities also offer independent living facilities that provide socialization, transportation, but allow seniors the freedom to arrange their lives as they please. Assisted living care has become a popular option, because it provides meals, housekeeping and medication supervision for seniors who need a little more help with everyday self-care. Seniors with serious medical issues require full-time medical and personal care, and St. Therese can also provide these services for those who need it. As part of St. Therese’s continuum of care, we can also offer hospice services that are focused on palliative to keep elderly loved ones comfortable and well cared for at end of life.

Call St. Therese for Information and Help For Your Loved One

St. Therese can provide a wealth of information for family members of seniors who are looking into options for care. We can help you evaluate the needs of your loved one and find the most effective ways to achieve the highest level of both comfort and care. Our trained counselors can answer all of your questions about assisted living and the continuum of care provided at our facilities. Contact St. Therese today at one of its five locations to learn more about the options for assisted living to ensure the quality care your loved one deserves.

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