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Fighting Depression in Seniors

Depression can affect people of all ages, and in the senior years, it may be brought on by loneliness, inactivity, or other health conditions. To maintain a higher quality of life as you or your loved ones get older, it’s important to not only recognize the risk of depression but also take steps toward fighting depression in day to day life. Depression is more than just a little sadness or a case of the blues. It is a mental disorder that can contribute to dementia, anxiety, and other mood disorders as well as physical health problems, so it should not go ignored in older adults.

Staying Physically Active

Even if you weren’t an athlete earlier in life, you should make a point to stay physically active (or become more physically active) as an older adult. Simply walking for 30 minutes per day can make a big difference, but the more exercise you can comfortably get, the better. When you exercise, your brain releases certain chemicals and hormones that make you feel physically and mentally good, so you minimize the effects of stress and maximize your daily pleasure.

Keeping Social Connections

Seniors can become isolated, especially if they live far from their families or they have lost their spouses or close friends. Loneliness can be a significant contributor to depression, which is why it’s important to retain social connections for a more positive outlook. Living in a vibrant community for active seniors or finding modern ways to stay connected with distant family and friends—such as video chats and online games—can be ways to make sure you get enough social stimulation.

Maintaining Good Health

Physical health is closely tied to mental health, so you will want to continue making regular visits to the doctor and checking in on your health regularly as you get older. Include lab work in your checkups so that any hormonal imbalances that may contribute to depression can be properly diagnosed and managed.

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