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Outdoor Meditation Benefits

Meditation provides many rewards, and these benefits can often be felt even more deeply when it is practiced outside. If you’re used to following your usual meditation routine indoors, you may be surprised at just how fulfilling performing your next session outside can be. Consider these benefits of outdoor meditation.

Meditating outside is easier for beginners.

If you’re new to meditation, you may be intimidated or overwhelmed at the thought of being still for an extended period of time. Although most people are surprised at how quickly meditation can come for them, practicing outside can be easier than being indoors. When you’re outside, you’re isolated from many of the distractions that can interfere with your meditation inside, such as ringing phones, slamming doors, and the sound of the television in the other room. When you remove yourself from that environment, you’ll be able to reach a meditative state more easily.

Fresh air can improve your experience.

Most people spend the vast majority of their time indoors. That means most people don’t get nearly enough exposure to fresh air. Breathing in the fresh air outside as you meditate can help you tune into your senses and feel refreshed. The different smells in the air outside will help you become centered in the moment instead of having to struggle with trying to ground yourself completely.

You will feel more restored after meditating outside.

The lack of electronic sounds in the background when you are meditating outside is restorative. You will reach a higher level of calm than you could inside. There are also theories that the negative ions in the ground outside can help counteract inflammation in your body.

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