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How to Know When it’s time for a new Mattress Set

Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important aspects of attaining and maintaining good health. Sleeping well at night helps to reduce stress, give the body time to recover, and reenergize you for the next day’s activities. One of the most important factors relating to the quality of your sleep is the quality of your mattress. Far too many people put off getting a new, more suitable mattress due to cost concerns. But, this could be a costly procrastination. Here we will take a look at signs which indicate that you need a new mattress set.

Your current mattress is damaged

Unlike many other major household purchases, a mattress is not easily repaired once it has been damaged. And the kinds of damage that may happen to a mattress can vary, such as:

  • Damaged coils or springs
  • Coils or springs poking through the mattress fabric
  • Rips, tears, or other damage to the mattress fabric
  • Water or fire damage
  • Damage from bodily fluids
  • Pest infestations
  • Hard to remove odors
  • Unsightly staining

Any mattress that has suffered any of the above, or that has suffered any kind of significant damage, may need to be replaced immediately. Ultimately it is up to the owner to determine whether or not the damage is of such an extent that it would be better to purchase a new set than to continue sleeping on the old one.

You wake-up still feeling tired

There are many reasons that you may awaken in the morning not feeling fully rested. Improper lighting (or darkness), temperature, or too much noise could be factors. But if you have an old, saggy mattress, you would likely not rest well even if all of your other sleep conditions were perfect. Waking up and going into your day still feeling tired can have disastrous effects on both your mood and productivity throughout the day. In this case a new mattress could make all the difference.

You experience back pain or other pains

One of the most common issues suffered by those who need to replace their mattress sets is back pain. An old or worn mattress set is often characterized by uneven firmness, which can cause the sleeper to slump or twist in his or her sleep. In as little as one night this kind of improper sleeping posture can cause the sleeper to experience back pain, or pains in other parts of the body. The long lasting effects of such sleeping conditions could result in more long lasting aches and pains.

Your current mattress set is too firm or not firm enough

Even if your current mattress set is brand new, if it is too firm for your tastes, or is not firm enough, it is time to replace it. Experts point out that humans spend approximately one third of their lives in their beds, whether sleeping, reading, watching TV, or just relaxing. It is extremely important that you invest in the right mattress set, so as to ensure that those 8 hours per day are spent in comfort.

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