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Simple Things to Do to Help with Memory Loss

Memory loss can be frightening and overwhelming. When it happens to you or someone you love, you may feel powerless to overcome it, but there are things you can do to fight back. Slow down memory loss with these strategies.

Do Activities that Work the Brain

Just as your muscles need exercise to stay in top condition, your brain needs a workout to stay in good shape. Doing activities that work your brain will give it the exercise it needs to stay healthy and protect your memory. Something as simple and enjoyable as doing a crossword puzzle can help to keep your brain fit. Playing cards with friends, taking up an instrument, and trying new activities, like volunteer work, will also help. Any time you do something that requires your concentration, you’re working your brain to protect your memory .

Make Sleep a Priority

Sleep robs you of many ingredients of a good memory. When you sleep, your brain does the work of organizing and solidifying memories, so without that restorative time, you could easily struggle to recall things in the future. Sleep also helps you feel calm and capable, so that it’s easier to focus on remembering things. Sleep deprivation can have a dramatic impact on your memory in a relatively short period of time, so aim to get seven to nine hours per night.

Be a Social Butterfly

Isolation is closely linked with stress and depression, which in turn can lead to memory loss. Being social keeps these problems at bay, so that your memory is not needlessly impacted. Make time to nourish your existing social relationships regularly, and if you’re feeling lonely, try something new. Volunteer or take a class to make some new social connections.

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