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How to Protect Your Car from Winter Damage

How to Protect Your Car from Winter Damage

In addition to ice, snow, and cold temperatures, the winter season can bring about secondary threats to your car, such as the possibility of rust from road salt or an increased chance of collisions in low-visibility conditions. If you aren’t sure that your car is prepared for the winter, take time to perform the following steps for avoiding winter damage.

Use the Right Tools to Remove Ice and Snow

You may need to remove snow and ice from your vehicle, but make sure that you don’t just use the same shovel you use for your driveway. You might use a specially-designed brush or foam tool to knock away snow without damaging the paint, but a standard shovel can scratch the exterior. For ice, only use a scraper on glass and knock off sheets of ice from the paint with your hands.

Let Your Car Warm Up in the Morning

It can be tempting to use warm water to quickly de-ice your vehicle, but such a rapid change in temperature on the surface of the car can cause paint to chip or crack. Let your car warm up gradually. This will also let the engine warm up to prevent damage under the hood from extreme cold temperatures.

Rinse Away Salt

Though salt is necessary to melt ice on the roads, it is not so friendly on cars. Because salt can run the risk of causing rust and scratches, you should be quick to rinse it from your vehicle.

Check Your Tires

The right tires will be essential for driving in snowy conditions, so be sure that you check in with a local tire shop to put on winter tires or inspect your all-season tires and provide advice for safer travels this winter.

Weinhagen Tire Company can provide the auto repair services you need in every season. As a trusted part of the St. Paul community since 1922, they provide reliable repairs and preventive maintenance for all cars, trucks, and SUVs. To book an appointment, call (651) 222-4736.

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