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How To Clean Your Wheels

There is a bit of an art to cleaning wheels. Instead of just using basic soap and water, try these tips to get cleaner wheels.

Tire Cleaner

Rubber doesn't respond like the rest of your car. Regular car washing fluid can cause a film to develop over the tires, which can make them look dull or cheap. There are certain types of tire cleaners that are made for both your wheels and your tires, which saves time and money.

Tire cleaners generally come in spray form, so it's easy to reach each part of the wheel (including the inside of the hub cap or the interior of the tread.) There are plenty of alloy wheel cleaners on the market, but the combination tire cleaners are more convenient and efficient. Also, be certain to wash off the cleaner when you're done. Wheel cleaners help prevent scratching on the wheel surface, but it will also stain the finish if you let it dry.

Use a Brush

Make sure you have a brush (soft bristles only) which can be used to get all of the grime or dirt that has accumulated. Clean the wheels from front to back, and ensure you hit every spoke on the wheel. The best brushes are those that can fit in very narrow places and feature a flexible stem.

Lanning Automotive and Tire is here to help you with all your automotive needs. Taking care of your care requires more than just the occasional wash. Give us a call if you have questions or concerns about your vehicle. From oil changes to axle repairs, we can get your car back in tip-top shape!

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