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5 Ways Local Car Repair Shops Are Better Than Chains

Just about everyone ends up dealing with car troubles at some point. As soon as you start experiencing trouble with your vehicle, it can be tempting to simply take your vehicle to the first car repair shop that you come across, whether the shop is a local business or a chain. However, here are five ways local car repair shops are better than chains.

More Affordable

One of the main advantages of local car repair shops over chains is that the former tend to be more affordable. Local car repair shops usually hire local mechanics rather than manufacturer-trained mechanics. However, local mechanics often offer the same quality of service as the mechanics employed at chains. This allows you to spend less money on the repair while getting the same quality of service.

More Convenient

In most cases, it is more convenient to go to a local car repair shop than a chain. Usually, chains are located near highways. On the other hand, local car repair shops are usually located near residential areas. Therefore, you may have an easier time getting to a local car repair shop.


Word-of-mouth is often the best way to find a quality company to do business with. Local car repair shops usually rely on word-of-mouth while chains can get away with simply relying on advertisements. Therefore, if you find out about a local car repair shop via positive word-of-mouth, you can be fairly certain that you will get good service at the shop.

Extra Attention

Local car repair shops often have a more limited client base in comparison to chains. Therefore, the mechanics will have more time to pay attention to your repair job than if you had gone to the mechanics at a chain.

Better Deals

Local car repair shops are always looking to attract clients from the local area. Therefore, you can expect the deals at local car repair shops to be better than the deals offered by chains, which often already have a large client base.

As you can see, there are many reasons local car repair shops are better than chains. As for where to find the best local service, or any other vehicle related needs, feel free to contact the experts at Weinhagen Tire Company.

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