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Slats vs. Box Springs: Which Is Right For You?

Does the right recipe for your perfect night’s sleep involve slats or a box spring? There are pros and cons to each kind of mattress supporter, so it’s important to arm yourself with the facts before you go shopping. If you’ve found the perfect mattress and now need to figure out what you’re going to put under it, here is a look at how slats and box springs stack up to each other.

Slats Basics

As the name suggests, slats are wooden planks that you position across your bedframe. The slats support the mattress so that it doesn’t begin to sink into the bedframe. They also help to make mattresses more durable, and they assist in distributing weight across the mattress, decreasing the risk of worn spots.

Slats are more affordable than box springs, which is an attractive feature for many shoppers. They are also relatively lightweight and extremely easy to install. However, they won’t add any height to the bed. Slats can also break if they are put under too much pressure and may slide around if they aren’t placed properly.

Box Springs 101

Box springs look similar to mattresses on the outside. Inside, they consist of spring coils. The box spring supports the mattress and prevents sagging from occurring, and the springs create bounce in the mattress that can make it more comfortable.

Box springs are capable of holding more weight, and they provide more support than slats. They also elevate the bed. Some people struggle with installing box springs because they are heavy and unwieldy. They are also more expensive than slats.

Picking the Right Bed

Choosing between slats and box springs comes down to a few factors, including your budget and your preferences for the appearance of your bed. If you have back pain, a box spring may give you the support you want. If you are concerned about the installation process, slats may be a better option.

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