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The Benefits of Music Therapy for Seniors

Music therapy involves the use of playing, writing, singing, dancing to, or listening to music in a therapeutic way. The exact methods used during therapy depend on the needs and abilities of the individual. For seniors, music therapy offers a long list of powerful benefits and can dramatically improve quality of life. Here is a look at some of the impacts music therapy can have on seniors.

Stress Reduction

Stress is an issue that is often overlooked in seniors. In reality, seniors may be dealing with many stressful events, including the loss of loved ones, moving out of their homes, and dealing with the impacts of chronic medical conditions. Stress is one of the contributors to the high rate of depression among seniors. Music therapy is effective at reducing stress levels and promoting relaxation. For seniors with dementia who may become easily agitated, music can help ease these episodes.

Speech Skills

Music therapy is associated with an improvement in speech and language skills in seniors, especially among those suffering from dementia. Seniors who are having trouble vocalizing their thoughts can often do so with the help of music therapy. Studies indicate that seniors with Alzheimer’s can often sing songs they like even when they can no longer speak, and they frequently respond to songs from their young adult years long after they stop speaking.

Social Interactions

Isolation and loneliness are often major problems for seniors. Music therapy can help in a number of ways. Music evokes treasured memories that can be comforting for people who feel alone. Music therapy is also inherently social and creates opportunities for bonding and relationship building.

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