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How Seniors Can Reduce Their Risk of Falls

A fall can happen to anyone at any time. But for seniors, falls are particularly prevalent and dangerous. Even when a fall isn’t fatal, it can result in life-altering, permanent disabilities that threaten a senior’s independence. If you’re concerned about your risk of a fall, or if you’re worried about an aging loved one’s safety, it may be time to consider a move to an independent living community .

Improving Balance and Coordination

Some seniors try to avoid physical activity because they’re fearful of a fall. But actually, this can increase the risk. Staying physically active will naturally support balance and coordination. These qualities, along with flexibility and muscle strength, help seniors stay on their feet safely. Seniors can speak with their physicians about starting an age-appropriate exercise plan. Workouts like water aerobics, tai chi, walking, yoga, and Pilates can all be great choices.

Getting Routine Vision Exams

Most seniors need an eye exam every year. But if you have an eye disease or you’re at a high risk of getting one, your ophthalmologist may recommend more frequent visits. Keeping your eyes healthy and treating eye diseases as early as possible are excellent ways of reducing the risk of falling.

Wearing Sensible Footwear

Fall prevention can be as simple as putting on a different pair of shoes. Avoid high heels, floppy sandals, and unsupportive slippers. It’s easier to both slip and trip while wearing these types of shoes. Instead, look for sensible footwear with a deep tread that grips the ground well. You should also remove any potential tripping hazards from the floor of your home, like loose area rugs and electrical cords.

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